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Hi, I am Ally Jewel

Certified Erotic Blueprint Master Coach  Intern with Jaiya

Having an expert guide is the secret to deeply satisfying success

Ally Jewel

Become The Lover You Seek…

hearts icon Is a program designed to give you a personalized experience of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course, created by Jaiya & Ian Ferguson.

hearts icon Ally Jewel, certified Master Erotic Blueprint Coach (trained directly by Jaiya & Ian) takes you through the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course module by module, teaching you how to integrate and apply this knowledge to your life, to become an amazing lover to yourself and others.

hearts icon You get a guided personalized experience where you learn to: 

  • Embody your blueprint
  • Expand into all the other blueprints
  • Heal in areas that may need healing
  • Communicate your desires in all the blueprint types, with congruency
  • Ask for what you really want without offending your partner
  • and so much more!

hearts icon This is not another knowledge-based program that gets stored in the archives, this is a personalized experience that will create lasting change!!

hearts icon Undoubtedly questions arise on your journey, and Ally Jewel will be able to provide you clarity.

Why “Become The Lover You Seek”?

Because it all starts with you!

Loving and understanding your own body first, at levels you may never have experienced before is paramount.

Most people look outside themselves for the kind of love, fulfillment, sexual experiences, and confidence they seek when truly it all begins with knowing yourself first as an erotic being.

In our fast-paced society, many people have become disassociated from their bodies! It is time to drop back in, reclaim your desires, and know the kind of touch your body craves.

Ally will utilize her 20+ years of coaching experience combined with the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course  and together we will become erotic detectives to help you discover your unique road map to arousal.

You will learn how to become your own best sex toy and become even more pleasure-filled when in partnership.

“Become The Lover You Seek” provides clear tools on

hearts icon Knowing your primary Erotic Blueprint Type™ in your body, and understanding your road map to arousal

hearts icon Exploring your turn-on’s, and the turn-off’s that are shutting down arousal

hearts icon Understanding what state and stage of your sexuality you are in

hearts icon Remove shame blocks that keep you stuck

hearts icon Become an erotic detective to determine your obstacles and pathways to a healthy body and pleasure

hearts icon Expand into other Erotic Blueprint Types 

hearts icon New communication skills to ask for what you want with congruency

hearts icon Cultivate a real presence that allows your lovers to feel truly seen

hearts icon Understand your lover in new ways

hearts icon Make orgasms nearly effortless

hearts icon Learn to get out of your head, be present in your body, and in the moment

hearts icon Play with a variety of touch skills on your own body first, then expand to your partners

hearts icon Improve the quality of your sex

hearts icon Begin to loosen the grip on any ridged rules, redefining what sex means and how you experience it

hearts icon Bring pleasure back into your body

…and so much more!!!

This is for you if…

hearts icon You know there has to be more to sex, and you are ready to claim it for you or your relationship

hearts icon You are still exploring who you are as a sexual being and want more

hearts icon You have a curious mindset

This is not for you if…

hearts icon You are not willing to do the work or participate in your own transformation   

hearts icon You think this is an escort or dating service

hearts icon Think your partner needs “fixing” so you thought you would drag them into coaching so they could do all the work

NOTE: This is an interview process! Due to the high demand since Netflix premier Ally only works with clients who are committed to their own journey, and show up with respect. In the group coaching programs, Ally wants to make certain you are a good fit also for the community. 

*Results vary based on your active level of participation and willingness to transform.


Ally Jewel

Ally is a Sex & Intimacy Coach with oodles of experience and empathy and a wicked sense of fun. As a former research scientist in big Pharma, Ally is equally home in the science lab and the sex lab. Ally is Certified Erotic Blueprint Master Coach Intern trained on a weekly basis by Jaiya and Ian in the five Erotic Blueprint Types , Accelerated Evolution Coach , and Certified NLP Practitioner. She is currently a Trainer for Tony Robbins and a former Tony Robbins coach with 20yrs+ of coaching experience. 

What the Clients Say

*With consent; always honoring client confidentiality & anonymity

Pennsylvania, USA

“Ally is a professional and creates a space that is safe and sacred, to talk about private things openly and candidly. She is honoring and non-judgemental, so you can feel safe to explore topics that you may feel are taboo, potentially vulnerable or have been hard to discuss openly in the past. So refreshing and liberating! A great way to get to know yourself more intimately, and know how to ask for what you want!”

New York, USA

“Ally Jewel will reel you in with her energy and comfort with the subject. She creates the most nurturing and safe space to have the conversations you didn’t even knew you were craving to have. The ones you maybe wished you had had with a parent figure as you were growing up, the ones you may have had with a friend or a confidant in a hushed and giggly voice. Except now, the conversation is taking place with an expert on intimacy who is skilled at understanding and speaking about expressions of intimacy and connection. If you have not attended one of her webinars or workshops, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

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Lifetime access to 8 video lessons of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ putting you in touch with your erotic self plus juicy exercises for you to practice in the privacy of your home. Lifetime access to the Erotic Freedom Club, with hours more content and information to support your journey along with an extensive online community.

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Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course  (EBBC)

check circle icon Contains 8 modules with over 70 easy-to-digest online video trainings in the art of orgasmic fulfillment. Videos are fun and actionable setting you up with the skills, tools, and pleasure practices needed to discover your turn-ons, express them and get them deliciously fulfilled

check circle icon Heal the shadows of your sexuality so you are freed from the shackles of judgment and shame.

Erotic Freedom Club (EFC)

check circle icon Access to monthly “Sex, Tips and Tricks” & “Pleasure Mastery” group calls    

check circle icon A lifetime of support through EFC, so your success is guaranteed

check circle icon Dozens of bonus video trainings – you’ll always have something new to explore

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