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Ready to radiate vitality and life force energy?
Craving sexual confidence and endless creativity?
Searching for deeper connections to self and to other healthy humans?

Ally Jewel, Intimacy Coach

Join me in the Salon of Glowing Desire

The Salon is your private Zoom Room. It’s a safe, professional, fully clothed coaching environment where you’ll discover your sexual roadmap to arousal and pleasure. I’ll guide you to explore and expand your erotic being at your own pace and in your own way. 

You’ll do amazing things. Here are just three of them.

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

Connect to your signature sexual wiring

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

Learn the language to express your deepest desires

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

Take responsibility for your own orgasm

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

Find the joy in putting pleasure first

Practice being present in your body. Focus on what works.

I double dare you right now. Close your eyes and look for a place in your body that feels delightful, lit up, yummy.

Your pain points matter, and we’ll absolutely work on clearing and healing them. But my deep coaching experience has taught me that learning to put pleasure first helps transform how we feel about and live in our bodies.

What happens in the salon?

We transform obstacles and blocks into pathways to personal pleasure.

We address your deepest concerns

You are not broken, and you don’t need fixing.
You are perfect just as you are. If you feel any of these things, we’ll resolve the issues that drive them.


  • You feel something is missing in your sex life and you don’t know how to find it
  •  You rely on your partner(s) to satisfy you and teach you about your own body


  • You don’t even feel like having sex
  • You feel like you are fulfilling ‘a duty or an obligation’
  • Your partner’s turn on, which once turned you on, has become your turn off
  • You’re healing emotional wounds and you’re not even turned on


  • You don’t know what really turns you on
  • You don’t have a healthy self-pleasure practice
  • You need to feel more relaxed to have sex or you need to have sex to feel relaxed


  • You feel judged for your body
  • You can’t express how you feel or what you want without feeling shame
  • You’re worried about losing your partner’s love and respect if you express your desires


  • You dissociate from your body during sex
  • You shut down if things, people, or touch comes at you too fast
  • You go numb, feel unsafe or unable to feel pleasure in your body


  •  You have a hard time dropping into your body
  • You start reviewing tomorrow’s to-do list during sex
  • Your orgasm is elusive
Erotic Blueprint Coach trained and certified by Jaiya Ma

image © Jaiya,Inc

You prepare for a lifetime of sublime sex

As a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach, I invite you to start your salon adventure by discovering your erotic blueprint™.

  • Are you energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, or a shapeshifter?
  • How does your blueprint shape the way you express your desires
    and show up in life?
  • What if your partner’s blueprint is different?
  • What if your partner’s turn on is your turn off?
  • What if you’re single? Great, that’s the perfect place to start

Get your glow on everywhere

Sexual energy is life force energy. Having healthy sex infuses every aspect of your life with glow, and creativity and love.

Intimacy coaching unleashes your potential and desire to pursue your most cherished personal and professional goals.

When the energy and confidence that flows from fabulous sex inspires you to:

  • boost your business
  • run your first or best marathon
  • deepen friendships, or grow your networks

I’ll help you make it happen.

Check my diverse coaching credentials in:

  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Persona work
  • Healing modalities
Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach
Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

About Ally Jewel

I’m smart, fun, quick-witted, and skilled in the art and science of intimacy coaching.


Curious, lifelong learner here to help humans lead, healthy, love-filled lives

Longterm coach

Loyal, longterm coach to women and men determined to be their vibrant, purpose-driven best in the bedroom, in business, and in life


Research scientist with extensive experience in corporate big pharma


Adventurer, traveler and taker of calculated risks


Life lover fuelled by meditation and motorbikes


Born and raised in Canada, youngest of nine kids

Client love

Ally always brings massive value and the best outlooks and analogies. She helped me see things clearly and put them into perspective!


Ally is a thoughtful, caring, yet tough coach. She will compassionately not let you get away with being small or not bringing your best to sessions. I’ve worked with many coaches in the past and she is by far and away the one that got me the most and best results. I highly recommend working with Ally. She is tuned in and gives you 100%.


I highly recommend Ally and I would work with her again in a heartbeat. When you’re ready to make long-lasting changes, Ally’s coaching is invaluable. As my life and business coach, she equipped me with amazing tools and skills that I use every day to enhance both my personal and professional life.
Thank you, Ally!


Am I the Intimacy Coach for you?

Let’s find out.

I offer a free 60-minute Passionate Possibilities phone call. We’ll talk about:

  • what you’d love to change about your experience of sex and love
  • why now is the right time to make changes
  • what to expect from a safe, respectful, professional coaching practice

If our coaching chemistry is right, I’ll be delighted to have you join me in the salon.

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

Wish you could do sex differently?

“Yay me, I will earn a small commission should you make the smart move to take this quiz. I never offer anything I don’t stand behind.”