About Ally Jewel

Intimacy and Life Coach

Glow-giver, pleasure seeker, science nerd, adventurer.
I’m here to help you live your juiciest life in and out of the bedroom.

About Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

I coach for all reasons

In my long career as a life and business coach, I’ve helped hundreds of humans get physically and emotionally fit and build stellar businesses.

Here’s the thing. Intimacy comes first!

Our intimate life is the unrivaled source of our deepest pain and greatest pleasure. Yet it’s the last place most of us go to for coaching. A luminous erotic life can make us unstoppable.

This is why I became a certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach. I help you explore and expand your erotic being, put pleasure first, and have awesome sex.

Then as a seriously experienced life and business coach I’ll help you put pleasure first everywhere else in your radically radiant life.

Top Takeaway

Oodles of experience is a coaching superpower. As a dedicated Intimacy Coach with a background in professional sport and elite business coaching, I’ve got all your bases covered.

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

I’m at home in the science lab and the sex lab

I built my coaching practice while working full time as a research scientist.  Eighteen years in big Pharma honed my skills in performing safe, meticulous evidence- based testing. Building a dual career in two demanding fields fed my insatiable curiosity, love of a tough challenge, and my desire to make a difference.

Top takeaway

Great Intimacy Coaching is an art. It’s also a science. As a research biologist, I’ve years of experience in patiently solving scientific mysteries.  As your Intimacy Coach, I’ll help you to safely and surely demystify sexual you.

About Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

I’m one of nine kids

I’m the youngest child in my Canadian Catholic family. We grew up living and working in our family-run funeral home. Three of my earliest lessons were empathy, compassion, and valuing life’s every precious moment.

I got a head start in the spirituality stakes and over time my beliefs have evolved.

Last but not least, being part of a big family taught me how to hold my own, read a crowded room, and negotiate like a pro from the age of four.

Top takeaway

Intimacy Coaching is grounded in empathy and intuition. I’m strong on these by nature and by nurture.

About Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

I’m up for adventure

Scratch me and you’ll find saltwater running in my veins. The ocean is my natural habitat. I lived for years on a sailboat. I am a lover of many water sports.

On land, I’ve hiked in the Himalayas, trekked in New Zealand. I also ski, run, and ride a rather awesome motorbike.

As a culturally curious traveler, I’ve crisscrossed the planet from London to Bali.

Top takeaway

Finding your erotic freedom is a great adventure. If your coach is curious and comfortable in exotic places, chances are you’ll have your best time ever.

All the cred

Certified in Accelerated Evolution Certification with WarriorSage Inc.

Intimacy coach Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach with Jaiya Ma

Life and business  coach

Former Peak Performance Results Coach & Business Results Trainer at Robbins Research International, Inc.

Trainer for Tony Robbins

Studied at Anthony Robbins Mastery University

Studied Coaching at Robbins-Madanes Training

NLP & Master Neostrategist Certification with Strategic Brain

Research  Scientist

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Speaking and presenting

Presented on effective word of mouth marketing to audiences of over 3000 at Herbalife events

Designed and delivered Conflict Resolution and Courageous Conversations training to colleagues at Pfizer

Presented research findings at big Pharma events and internally to colleagues at Pfizer

Former Member of Toastmasters

Wish you could do sex differently?

“Yay me, I will earn a small commission should you make the smart move to take this quiz. I never offer anything I don’t stand behind.”