Values and Vision

Intimacy Coaching in the Salon of Glowing Desire

Salon sensibilities – how to show up in the salon

The salon is a safe space to explore and realize your erotic potential. It’s a supportive, confidential place to heal and to let go of shame.

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach
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Pleasure is our priority

We’re here to practice putting pleasure first. This means learning to be present in our bodies and to focus on what works. Our goal is to master the art of putting pleasure first in every aspect of our vibrant, purpose-driven lives. 

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Consent is crucial

We honor our partner by asking permission to touch them. This means that ‘Yes’ is clear and unambiguous. Anything less is an absolute ‘No.’ If you act without gaining consent, you own your action, apologize, and make things right.

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Diving deep

We’re committed to doing the work. We’re ready to be vulnerable and prepared to listen to and accept what our bodies, minds and, instincts are telling us.

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Being real and breaking down barriers

We’re free to express and embrace who we are. We know we’ll be seen and heard with empathy and acceptance and without judgment. The salon is a safe, supportive space where we can shed shame and banish fear.

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Taking responsibility for our own orgasm

We understand that our partner is not responsible for our orgasm. We’re excited by pursuing our personal pathways to pleasure. We’re also learning to communicate our turn ons and turn offs with clarity and love.

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Expanding the glow

We’re dedicated to living our juiciest lives in and out of the bedroom. We’re learning to pour the life force energy that flows from embracing our sexuality into all of our cherished personal and professional projects.


Why should I choose you?

Excellent question! Because the right chemistry between you and your intimacy coach is vital to achieving your goals. Our initial Passionate Possibilities Call will reveal if we’re a good fit.

Here are three things about me that may help you decide:

  • Deep and diverse coaching experience I began health coaching in 2001. Since then, my practice has evolved to encompass all aspects of life and business coaching with motivated individuals and high profile professional teams alike. Nearly two decades of coaching has taught me that deep experience of intimacy is the missing link in many of my clients’ lives. Choose me as your intimacy coach, and you’ll reap the benefit of nearly two decades of dynamic, holistic coaching practice.
  • As a scientist with 28 years’ experience, I trust evidence-based research and rigorous testing. Jaiya Ma’s Erotic Blueprint™ program is backed by impeccable research credentials developed over two decades of testing.
  • Passionate about pleasure and play I put pleasure first. I practice what I teach. No matter how busy I am, I make time to play, to be sensual, and to have serious fun.

Choose me, and it will be my pleasure to coach you to become your most sexually satisfied self. Furthermore, I coach with integrity and authenticity and a passion for achieving your goals.

More about me

Tell me more about the salon of glowing desire

The salon is a metaphor for the safe, sexy, intriguing, virtual place where our coaching happens. Like its historical namesake, our salon is a hotbed of fresh ideas that challenge accepted wisdom. It’s a place to celebrate our brilliance, our inventiveness, our openness, and vulnerability. It’s a place to play, to experiment, to fantasize, to learn, and to let go.

How does intimacy coaching work?

I am a certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach. My practice embraces eight modules of deeply researched, intimacy training. This program was developed over twenty years by renowned new world sex educator Jaiya Ma.

We begin with a Passionate Possibilities Call to:

  • Find out what you’d like to do differently and why now is the time to make changes
  • See if we will work well together

If we’re a good fit, I’ll be delighted to have you join me in the Salon of Glowing Desire, where you‘ll have serious fun while safely exploring your deepest desires. The salon is the place to create a compelling vision for your entire future. We begin by making sustainable, life-affirming changes to how you experience sex and love. You will:

  • Take the Erotic Blueprint Quiz™ to find out how you and (if applicable) your partner are wired for pleasurable sex
  • Grow your skills and knowledge via video training sessions and workbook exercises
  • Explore your Erotic Blueprint™ through safe, fun home play sessions
  • Receive coaching calls and support to track your progress, resolve issues and celebrate success
  • Join a community of curious like-minded humans and invitations to events and workshops to deepen your knowledge

You can also choose Intimacy + Life and Business coaching.

Wish you could do sex differently?

“Yay me, I will earn a small commission should you make the smart move to take this quiz. I never offer anything I don’t stand behind.”