Becoming A Conscious Lover

Experience a sex life that deeply fulfills and satisfies you both at your very core. Remove any shame and blame and explore this new path to sexual freedom while reinvigorating your sense of playfulness, joy, and vitality.

You deserve more!

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Ally Jewel
Invest in your intimate future

Have you noticed the trend that people are craving more from their relationships?

• People today are hungry for healthier, more gratifying ways to be sexually intimate with a partner. Are you?
• Do you yearn to be desired, valued, prioritized, and understood, inside a sexually juicy relationship?
• Are you acknowledging the cost of suppressing your sexual feelings?

For most, sexual freedom is an uncharted territory with few trusted guides to help them navigate.

Here’s What You’ll Discover During

Becoming A Conscious Lover

Make sure you join us to get the most out of your sex life.
This is not hype! This is backed by 25yrs of research.

Topic 1

Sexual Compatibility

Fully understand what your lover wants and needs. Expand your sexual expression and reclaim your sexual chemistry.

Topic 2

5 Ways We Communicate Sexually

Make dating and relationships easier when you understand the Erotic Blueprint Types™. Discover the triggers and inhibitors to your arousal.

Topic 3

Who Are You As A Sexual Being?

Stop guessing! Before you leave, you should have a good idea of your Blueprint Type™ and, if applicable, that of your lover. Let’s put it to test in your body.

Topic 4

Have The Best Sex of Your Life

Learn to embody your pleasure! Sex is not a destination, it’s a place you go to explore. Let’s get you out of your head, and stop obsessing on your orgasm.

Topic 5

The 5 P’s That Shut Down Arousal

Old programming and beliefs may be causing you to armor up against sex. What can you do about it?



Immediately download: 25 Questions to Deepen Connection With Your Lover

Are you ready to be loved, touched, and desired exactly the way you want it?

The 5 P’s Causing You to Armor Up Against Sex



to reach orgasm



based sex, rather than pleasure-based sex



of relating to one another that have you stuck in a rut


Perceived lack

of sexual compatibility



on giving focused attention to your sex life, and don’t know how to reclaim it

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Becoming A Conscious Lover

Most people think that sex should be easy and that we shouldn’t have to work on it.
However, many of us grew up in families where talking about sex was taboo.
That is why these lessons are so important. You will finally be on your way to living the sexual life you deserve.

Client Testimonials

Imagine making an immediate impact on YOUR sex life!

Pennsylvania, USA

“Ally is a professional and creates a space that is safe and sacred, to talk about private things openly and candidly. She is honoring and non-judgemental, so you can feel safe to explore topics that you may feel are taboo, potentially vulnerable or have been hard to discuss openly in the past. So refreshing and liberating! A great way to get to know yourself more intimately, and know how to ask for what you want!”

New York, USA

“Ally Jewel will reel you in with her energy and comfort with the subject. She creates the most nurturing and safe space to have the conversations you didn’t even knew you were craving to have. The ones you maybe wished you had had with a parent figure as you were growing up, the ones you may have had with a friend or a confidant in a hushed and giggly voice. Except now, the conversation is taking place with an expert on intimacy who is skilled at understanding and speaking about expressions of intimacy and connection. If you have not attended one of her webinars or workshops, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Maine, USA

“When I started this journey, sex had become something that almost felt like an obligation, and I knew I wanted more than what I was getting out of sex. Ally’s professionalism and understanding of our needs were evident from the start. She made, what at the time was a difficult subject for my wife and I to talk about, a lot less threatening. Now, I am excited to be creating a love life that I fantasize about; playful and loving but very spicy with romance. Thank you, Ally, for helping us find the path to this very important part of our lives. It is the path I was looking for!!!”

Virginia, USA

“Growth comes through education, comprehension, and the proper application of the skill set you want to learn. Having an experienced coach like Ally accelerated my education. Ally provided the right balance of listening, knowing the right tools to apply, and the techniques to help me achieve my goals. Without Ally, I would never have been able to grow so much…”

New Zealand

“Last night I attended a dinner party. Something has shifted inside me. I felt different as though I’ve reclaimed my power. I felt centered and strong and comfortable, like I had some sort of attraction forcefield around me. I noticed men swapping places with the women to sit next to me!!!! Even one of my male friends, sitting across from me kept on staring. I have not felt like a man-magnet for YEARS. No wonder I’ve been a bit separated from my body/soul/spirituality/sexuality – I’ve let that voice inside my head drive the bus for a long time. Ally, you have been an integral part of finally getting things to shift inside me, and I am deeply grateful.”

Atlanta, USA

“It’s been a joy to work with Ally. Her program is a valuable tool kit I didn’t even know would truly help me step more into my sexuality. Her ability to help reframe my perspective/perception of the powerful word “sex” is nothing short of amazing. I am not even halfway through our sessions, and already beginning to walk in my light feeling FREE in my sexuality. I am finally choosing myself and being who I am meant to be in this lifetime. Thank you, Ally, I am totally convinced that I AM becoming the lover I SEEK!! “

Get started, your body will be happy you did!

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach


Ally, Sex & Intimacy Coach and public speaker, is an authority on helping people build sexually fulfilling relationships. Clients who previously assumed they were sexually incompatible with partners learn otherwise, regaining their sexual vitality, spark, and aliveness.

With more than two decades of coaching experience, Ally incorporates the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of intimacy.

The journey that Ally takes her international clients on is one that changes their lives forever. Clients experience a safe space for sensitive topics that often arise during intimate interactions. With full agency, her clients gain the confidence to take charge of their sexual journey.

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