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Intimacy coaching in the salon of glowing desire

Expand your erotic self.
Reconnect with your partner or attract a hot lover.
Heal past hurt or resolve a current issue.

Intimacy coaching package

Join me in the salon – the warmest of welcomes awaits you.

Intimacy and life coaching packages with Ally Jewel
Conversation with Ally Jewel

Step 1. Book your Passionate Possibilities Call

Tell me what you’d love to change about your sex life, and we’ll test our coaching chemistry. 

Take the Erotic Blueprint™ quiz

Step 2. Take the Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz

Discover your distinctive sexual wiring. This will lay the foundation for our coaching.

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Step 3. Start your intimacy coaching

You’ll get access to:

Add life and business coaching

Expand your salon experience.

Ally Jewel Intimacy Coach

Double your momentum

  • Complete the Intimacy Coaching Package, unleashing your most powerful life force energy
  • Add an additional 6 months of one-on-one life and business coaching to integrate this energy into every aspect of your personal and professional life

Check my impeccable credentials in:

  •  Life coaching
  •  Business coaching
  •  Persona work
  •  Healing modalities

Get inspired, creative, and energized for all your cherished projects.

Intimacy coaching FAQ

Have a different question? Just ask.

Who comes to you for intimacy coaching?

My clients are women and men over the age of eighteen. They’re single or partnered. They may be in their first or their fiftieth relationship. Their backgrounds and sexual preferences vary. They are committed to understanding who they are as erotic beings and to deepening their experience of desire.

What can I expect from intimacy coaching?

Commit to engage in all aspects of your program including the homeplay and do the work. Then you can expect to:

  • Understand and accept yourself as an erotic being
  • Chart your path to pleasure based on your Erotic Blueprint™. This is your road map to exploring your sexuality and navigating your relationships
  • Know how to ask for what you want and need from your partner by learning the language that aligns to your blueprint’s desires
  • Unleash the creativity and dynamism that flows from finding erotic freedom and getting your deepest glow on

Intimacy coaching offers you a safe, professional, highly ethical, and fun place to expand your intimate essence.

Show me the services

Will you touch me or ask me to take off my clothes?

No. I am not a certified Sexological Bodyworker. We will never engage in any form of sexual exchange. Your intimacy coaching program’s homeplay component can include solo or partnered touching and sexual activities. These activities are for you to experiment:

  • in the privacy and safety of your home
  • at a level that’s comfortable for you
  • with healthy boundaries in place

Be assured that I will receive anything you share with me as a result of your homeplay, with complete empathy and without judgment.

NOTE: We are bound by a coach/client coaching contract and a set of professional ethics. We will never engage in any form of romantic or erotic exchange.

Why should I choose you?

Excellent question! Because the right chemistry between you and your intimacy coach is vital to achieving your goals. Our initial Passionate Possibilities Call will reveal if we’re a good fit.

Here are three things about me that may help you decide:

  • Deep and diverse coaching experience I began health coaching in 2001. Since then, my practice has evolved to encompass all aspects of life and business coaching with motivated individuals and high profile professional teams alike. Nearly two decades of coaching has taught me that deep experience of intimacy is the missing link in many of my clients’ lives. Choose me as your intimacy coach, and you’ll reap the benefit of nearly two decades of dynamic, holistic coaching practice.
  • As a scientist with 28 years’ experience, I trust evidence-based research and rigorous testing. Jaiya Ma’s Erotic Blueprint™ program is backed by impeccable research credentials developed over two decades of testing.
  • Passionate about pleasure and play I put pleasure first. I practice what I teach. No matter how busy I am, I make time to play, to be sensual, and to have serious fun.

Choose me, and it will be my pleasure to coach you to become your most sexually satisfied self. Furthermore, I coach with integrity and authenticity and a passion for achieving your goals.

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