Get the sex education you never had growing up... but wish you did!

Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Has COVID derailed your dating plans?
Maybe you developed intimate antibodies long before the pandemic?
Sick of settling for mediocre sex… or no sex?

Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Spice up 2021 – Classy, co-ed sex education for committed grownups

10-week co-ed programs for groups of 12
On line from 11 March – 13 May 2021
Call time: Thursdays @ 8 pm – 9:30 pm EST

Transform your experience of sex and intimacy
Tap your powerful life force energy and attract vibrant others
Curious about how we roll? Take a peek under the covers.

Some of the sexy, sensual stuff you’ll learn

Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Own your erotic being

  • Shed the shame that binds you to old lies and outdated myths about sex and intimacy
  • Stop settling for mediocre sex that’s devoid of deep intimacy
  • Tune into your turn-ons and learn how to share them with your lover
Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Connect to like-minded singles

  • Meet other curious humans ready to live a sexually gratified life
  • Feel safe and confident about identifying, understanding, and sharing your fears and your desires with future partners
Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Skill up for a lifetime of sensational sex

  • Find pleasure in play, in touch, in toys, in trying new things
  • Learn how to talk about sex openly with your partner, now and forever

Spice up 2021 – How it works

Video lessons and home play

Lifetime access to 8 video lessons of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ putting you in touch with your erotic self plus juicy exercises for you to practice in the privacy of your home. Access to Erotic Freedom Club, with hours more content and information to support your journey along with an extensive online community.

Private Facebook group

Keep the conscious conversations going, get and give great support, ask important questions, share experiences, and fun.

Group coaching calls

10 live weekly group coaching calls with me over Zoom to keep you on track, embody the content, share your learnings and celebrate your wins. These calls will be interactive, in-depth talks and exercises to consolidate what you’ve learned in your video training.

1:1 Coaching

Two 1:1 30-minute personal coaching sessions with me to help address anything that may be coming up for you, so you get the most out of the program.

Hi, I’m Ally

Intimacy and life coaching packages with Ally Jewel

Transformational Sex Educator and Intimacy Coach with oodles of experience and empathy and a wicked sense of fun.

Ally is a thoughtful, caring, yet tough coach. She will compassionately not let you get away with being small or not bringing your best to sessions. I’ve worked with many coaches in the past, and she is by far and away the one that got me the most and best results. I highly recommend working with Ally. She is tuned in and gives you 100%.


Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Ready to Spice up 2021?
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Claim your spot in a free online introductory class

Come as you are – curious, confused, disconnected, dissatisfied – that’s OK

Leave feeling clearer, calmer, and savvier about intimacy and sex.

  • Close the gap – between where you are in your intimate life and where you’d like to be
  • Discover your Erotic Blueprint™ – Are you energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, or a shapeshifter? How are you hardwired to explore and experience juicy life-affirming sex?
  • Understand the stages in your sexual journey and how they affect your sex life – Are you resting, healing, curious, adventurous, or transformational?

Reveal your Erotic Blueprint now – Take the free 10-minute Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz

Invest in your intimate future 


Invest in your intimate future
Invest in your intimate future
Invest in your intimate future
Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Let’s spice up 2021 – Book your selection interview

Apply for a place in Spice Up 2021 by booking your selection interview

We’ll talk about:

  • What you’d love to change about your experience of sex and intimacy
  • Why now is the right time to make changes
  • What to expect from a safe, respectful, professional group and individual coaching program

If our coaching chemistry is right, and we both feel you’re an excellent fit for the school, I’ll be delighted to have you join us.

Upgrade your sex education

Treat yourself to 10 transformative weeks learning how to:

– Have conscious conversations – in-depth talk about our expectations and our experience of sex

– Develop your sexual superpowers – shed shame, discover what you want and how to ask for it

– Activate your Erotic Blueprint – get it off the page and into the bedroom

Who knows what could happen?

Maybe you’ll meet a luscious, like-minded lover.

Have a question about joining Ally Jewel Intimacy School? I’m listening.

Ally Jewel Intimacy School

Get the sex education you never had growing up… but wish you did!

Wish you could do sex differently?

“Yay me, I will earn a small commission should you make the smart move to take this quiz. I never offer anything I don’t stand behind.”